Residential Heating Services

Serving Peoria, Sun City & All Of Phoenix

Whether you want a gas, electric or oil furnace—maybe a boiler or heat pump—Dynamic Air & Electrical offers a wide variety of residential heating options for our neighbors in Peoria, Sun City and Phoenix. We’re your one-stop shop for expert installation, ongoing maintenance and affordable repair. When the temperatures drop, be sure you’re warm and comfortable by talking to our professionals about everything we have to offer:

  • Energy-efficient furnace systems
  • Furnace install, all makes and models
  • Residential heating repair
  • Tune-ups and annual maintenance
  • Pre-winter furnace start-up
  • Heat pumps and boiler installs
  • Radiant floor heating systems

Need a Furnace Tune-Up? We Can Help.

Regular and consistent filter changes are a great start, but ensuring your residential heating system runs efficiently needs help from the pros. Dynamic Air & Electrical will help you keep utility costs down and your furnace running smoothly with our comprehensive tune-up service:

  1. System and Thermostat Checks – We’ll set all controls correctly and check that your furnace system runs the right start-up and shut down cycles.
  2. Inspect and Test Electrical Components – A technician will pinpoint and repair loose, damaged or corroded wires that can cause breakdowns.
  3. Check for Blockages and Leaks – The condensate drain will also be cleaned to prevent water build-up which can lead to high humidity, even bacteria growth and mold.
  4. Inspect All Moving Parts – To prevent premature wear and tear, even breakdowns, we’ll check, repair and lubricate all components.
  5. Adjust Settings – Based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, we’ll adjust the pilot, gas pressure, blower motor and all other vital parts.

Even More Residential Heating Expertise

Boiler Install, Repair and Maintenance

Another option beyond the furnace is a boiler. Fueled by oil or natural gas, a boiler sends heated water through pipes to radiators, baseboards and even radiant floor heaters throughout your house. We’ll complete a full assessment of your home’s needs and square footage, then recommend a right-fit system for your needs. If you have an existing system, let Dynamic Air & Electric keep it in tip-top shape or make any necessary repairs.

Understanding the Heat Pump

Powered by electricity, heat pumps are used to increase or decrease temperatures in your home without creating any heat of its own. It simply moves warm air from one room to another, depending on where and whether you need it. It can bring outside heat in during the winter and remove heat from your home during summer. With less extreme weather temperatures in Peoria, Sun City and Phoenix, a heat pump might be the perfect residential heating option.

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