Keep your AC working in Arizona’s intense weather

The Phoenix metro region and south-central Arizona in general have some of the most intense summer weather in the country. From extreme heat to haboobs to monsoon down-bursts, the weather here is not something you can ignore, and it can also take a huge toll on your air conditioning if you aren’t careful. You can keep your air conditioning working throughout the year if you know how to protect it.

Support AC With as Much Passive Solar as Possible

When Arizona has its days of 115F+ temperatures, your air conditioner is going to struggle even if it’s in perfect shape. You can reduce some of the strain on the system by using passive solar techniques to help support the air conditioning. Your home may already have some of these features, such as those curved Spanish tiles on the roof or dual-pane windows.

You can also help by ensuring windows and doors aren’t leaking too much air (a little air exchange is expected, but you don’t want drafts). Keep curtains closed and turn blinds so that the slats block sunlight. Insulate electrical outlets, too, as those often let mini-drafts of warm air in and cold air out.

Change the Filter Frequently

Your air conditioning filter traps dust before it flows with the air into the system. When the filter is full, it makes the air conditioner struggle to draw in more air, which places undue strain on the system and increases the chance of a breakdown during hot weather.

Be Realistic

When it’s 120F out, your air conditioner may not be able to get the temperature inside your home down to 70F, at least not in all rooms. A downstairs room that’s shaded may seem cool, but an upstairs room with full sun exposure on the south and west is going to be hot even with the AC on. Don’t keep turning the thermostat down in an effort to cool everything drastically; that only stresses the system and leads to breakdowns.

Of course, if your entire house is 120F inside even with the air conditioning on, then you need to call Dynamic Air & Electric for AC repair.

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