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A master electrician can help you prevent electrical fires

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You need to take steps to prevent electrical fires and hiring a skilled master electrician can help you take the proper precautions. Not only can they inspect your home’s electrical system thoroughly, but they can also give you tips on how to avoid mishaps that could lead to an electrical fire. Here’s how they can help you:

  1. They can repair kinked wires and prevent an overload

Kinked wires have a higher resistance to electricity than ones that are not kinked. The higher resistance has the potential to generate heat, which could potentially result in a fire. A master electrician will identify kinked wires and repair them as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, your home’s electrical system will only be able to handle a certain combined wattage in each circuit. If you exceed this limit, it could lead to an overload, which could result in a fire. A master electrician will be able to ensure that you know the highest wattage that each circuit can handle.

  1. A master electrician can prevent short circuits

A short circuit is when electricity takes a path that it isn’t supposed to take, which can result in wires being subjected to a level of current that they aren’t built to handle. This can cause heat to be generated, and this may result in sparks that could ignite materials inside your wall. Outlets that are 15-25 years old or older are more likely to short circuit, and these are a few signs of this happening to watch out for:

  • A burning smell or burn marks on the outlet
  • Popping or buzzing sounds from the outlet
  • Visible sparks emanating from an outlet
  1. Moisture can contribute to electrical fires, and a master electrician will help to ensure that your wires remain dry

If your walls are partially waterlogged, it can increase the chance that you’ll have an electrical fire, which is because water could come in contact with a live wire. Luckily, a master electrician will be able to identify and repair any leaks that could lead to water coming into contact with wires.

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